We gather, categorize, and sort your customer data from Shopify or any other marketing source application. By using advanced machine learning algorithms we provide out of the box metrics related to eCommerce.

When data is stored on different platforms, it’s impossible to build a unified view of your customers. CustomerVox enables you to gather all touchpoints and interactions with your customers on our platform. We gather all data from Shopify and enrich it with our own data from your emails, popups, and landing pages.

Customer Data Management

Get your customer data into CustomerVox automatically from Shopify or by importing unlimited email contacts from any source.

Track & understand your customers

We keep track of all eCommerce and browsing events and tie that to each customer profile. We can provide a holistic view of each customer with past purchases as well as actions.

Build segmentations & personas

Group your contacts with fields, personas, and customer lifetime segments so you can perform value-added activities and increase sales.

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