CustomerVox Analytics provides store marketers with the necessary information to understand how your store performs and to manage your marketing efforts

  • Understand your customers - We gather, categorize, and sort your data from Shopify. By using advanced machine learning algorithms we provide out of the box metrics related to eCommerce.

  • Customer Lifetime Journey - Understanding where each customer is in part of their journey with your store can provide immense benefits as you can tailor your messaging based on where they are in their journey with your brand.

  • Personas - Who are my most valuable customer groups? The purchase history of your customers can give you valuable insights as to who they are. Going a step further, segmentation helps you identify which of these segments are more or less valuable to you.

Understand how your store performs and who your most important customers are. Go beyond data to actionable insights that will help grow your business.

  1. All data in one platform - No need to look in multiple platforms to understand how your store performs. We’ve got you covered.

  2. Machine learning - We help you understand your data but we also go beyond and provide insights using machine learning. Data is not enough, you want actionable insights.

  3. eCommerce focus - All insights are eCommerce focused and not generic. We focus on areas relevant to eCommerce stores.

  4. Reliable support - If you ever need any help or have questions about CustomerVox we have an incredible Customer Success team ready to listen and help you grow your business.

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