Sending emails is one of the most efficient ways to promote your website and your products as an eCommerce store. Emails enable you to establish direct contact with your customers and to provide the information on your product your prospects can consume at their leisure. Email format makes it possible to include a large amount of information and is not limited by any arbitrary headline word counts.

Personalization of an email means you take into account who your customer is and send them emails that will match their individual tastes, purchasing history, geolocation, etc. Personalized email makes emails more relevant, which not only means your customers see what they like, but it also shows them you understand them and value them.

Personalized email campaigns using even simple methods such as segmenting the email list have a significant effect on the revenue. A study done by Hubspot illustrates the importance of personalization for email campaigns. For example, segmented email campaigns had 760% higher revenue. Segmentation is one of the primary methods of personalization in emails.

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