They are automatically generated based on the data we get from Shopify.
Contact for us is someone we can identify with an email address.

Customer lifetime cycle

  • VISITOR (visited the website but no email address to identify)

  • MEMBER (can identify with an email address but no purchases yet)

  • ONE TIME BUYER (can identify and purchased once)

  • ACTIVE (bought multiple times)

  • AT-RISK (not purchased anything for more than six months and no engagement)

  • LOST (not purchased anything for more than 12 months and no engagement)

Personas are created based on customer order and relevant product attributes and tags. We use machine learning in the background to create persona clusters which then can be used to target with special campaigns. You can read more here.

The benefit of this approach is we do the segmenting and personas for our customers. We have done this based on our long eCommerce background and history.

In the future, we will enable you to edit and add more segments but this is not a priority for now. It is possible to mark/tag customers with special fields but that is coming in two months.

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